Preventive Care and Routine Dental Exams for the Entire Familyimage of annual care

Regular dental care is an extremely important factor in the oral health of your entire family. The best way to prevent tooth decay and gingivitis while keeping your teeth and gums healthy and your smile bright, is with proper brushing, flossing, routine dental cleanings and exams.

At Dr. Colletta’s dental office we recommend that our patients schedule routine dental exams and cleanings every six months.

At your routine dental appointment you can expect an experience based on your personal needs, concerns and your oral health. Our entire staff strives to make you feel comfortable and relaxed while providing you with the very best preventive dental care.

Our standard dental appointment consists of:

  • Cleaning Your Teeth: A licensed and experienced dental hygienist will thoroughly clean your teeth, removing tartar and plaque build-up. Your cleaning will end with each tooth being polished, and your entire mouth being flossed.
  • A Thorough Dental Examination: Each patient will have a dental exam from Dr. Colletta. During her examination she will look for any issues with your oral health, including: tooth decay, gum disease, and signs of infection.
  • Taking Dental X-rays: We are proud to offer digital x-rays. These types of x-rays capture images quickly and use less radiation than traditional x-rays. They are recommended once every 6 to 24 months. Your age, oral health and dental history will help Dr. Colletta determine when x-rays need to be taken. For patients who have a sensitive gag reflex or for small children who may be bothered by having x-ray sensors placed in their mouths, we are happy to offer the x-rays be taken with our panoramic x-ray machine.
  • A Discussion: Speaking to you about your oral health care concerns and any changes in your medical condition is an important part of our regular dental appointments. We want to answer all of your questions and educate you on any dental issues. Dr. Colletta wants to get to know you as a patient and offer you the most personalized dental care possible.

For more information about our routine dental exams call our office at 978-499-9708 or email us at