Crowns and Bridgeworkimage of dental crowns

With dental crowns and bridges Dr. Colletta can restore worn teeth, correct seriously damaged teeth, replace missing teeth and protect your mouth from further damage.

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is used to repair and protect a tooth that has been worn down, seriously damaged, decayed or broken. In most cases, crowns go on the top of a tooth, like a cap or a ‘crown’. Made of a composite resin, porcelain fused to metal or a dental ceramic, crowns are used to restore a tooth’s appearance, function and strength. Crowns are made from a mold and are custom created to fit your mouth. Dr. Colletta also takes the time to match the color of the crown to the color of the existing teeth in order to provide a natural appearance.

What is a dental bridge?

Dental bridges are used when a patient is missing one or more teeth. As the name would suggest, a dental bridge is used to ‘bridge’ the gap where missing teeth once were. The bridge is permanently attached to the teeth on either side of the gap, providing an anchor for the replacement tooth, or teeth, to attach to. When a tooth (or teeth) is lost other teeth in your mouth can shift – dental bridges are important in maintaining the position of your teeth, the shape of your mouth and the appearance of your smile.

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