Fillingsimage of dental fillings

Dental fillings are one of the most common dental procedures performed at Dr. Colletta’s office. Fillings are used to replace a portion of a tooth that may have been damaged, cracked or decayed.

The most common use for dental fillings is to repair cavities in teeth. A cavity is an area in a tooth that has been permanently broken down, causing holes to form in the tooth’s enamel. If not treated with a filling, a cavity will grow and can result in a serious infection, terrible pain and even tooth loss. Although treating cavities is the most common use for dental fillings, fillings can also be used to treat broken teeth and teeth that have minor cracks or have become worn over time.

Filling a tooth is a minor dental procedure and can usually be completed during one visit to our office. During this procedure a local anesthetic will be used to numb the area to be worked on. Once numb, the decayed or damaged area of your tooth will be completely removed and replaced by a dental filling. This filling is used to fill the void and strengthen the tooth while protecting it from further decay and damage.

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