Tooth Sensitivity

sensative-teethTooth sensitivity is a common ailment. In fact, 1 in 5 adult Americans suffer from sensitive teeth. Sensitive teeth can cause mild discomfort to serious pain.

Sensitive teeth can be the result of a number of factors:

  • Brushing your teeth too hard
  • Using a hard bristled tooth brush
  • Grinding your teeth
  • Eating acidic foods like: fruits, yogurt, honey, pickled products and aged cheeses
  • Drinking acidic beverages, like: carbonated beverages, coffee, alcohol, orange juice and sports drinks

If you are suffering from tooth sensitivity there are changes that you can make to alleviate the pain while protecting your teeth:

  • Brush your teeth in a gentle manner. Brushing harder is not brushing better.
  • Switch to a tooth brush with soft bristles. Harder bristles are harsh on your gums.
  • Use toothpaste that contains fluoride which strengthens your existing enamel.
  • Grinding your teeth? Consider a mouth guard. This will protect your teeth from further damage.
  • Change your diet by reducing the amount of acidic food and drinks you consume.

As always, consult your dentist with any tooth pain, sensitivity or issues. They will professionally examine the problem and provide you with the best solution for you and your oral health.