Dental Implantsimage of dental implants

Dental implants take the place of missing teeth, permanently providing you with a natural looking ‘tooth’ that is strong and fully functioning. Dental implants are a long lasting option for tooth replacement because they are fused to your jawbone through the use of a titanium fixture or post. This post acts like the replacement tooth’s root. Once the titanium post is securely in place, a dental crown is attached above the gumline. This crown is custom created to fill the gap, while matching your surrounding teeth and comfortably fitting into your bite.

A completed dental implant will have the same appearance of your other teeth while providing the same functionality. Dental implants also come with the added benefit that they will never decay. Although proper oral hygiene is necessary to maintain the health of the gum around the implant.

Dental implant procedures often take more than one visit to complete, and while the implant itself can be a bit more costly than other tooth replacement options, the result is a permanent and natural looking tooth. Most patients find dental implants to be the most cost effective and attractive solution as well as giving a natural look and feel.

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